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Hi Creative Visionary! I'm Carol Frazier, an Artist Development Manager, Mentor and Coach that has helped hundreds of artist's just like you, go for their dreams! I'm committed to supporting you to become a full time artist and fulfilling your purpose and calling to be a creator. 

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Carol has a way of connecting with the creative spirit in each of us. The clarity of her professionalism and depth of character is chrystal clear from the first moments of working with her. I trust her to guide me intuitively through the creative process along with helping me understand the business side of the work. The spark she offers has been developed over the decades and is an inherent gift that she shares to help others. Thanks Carol.

Cindy Briggs, Make Every Day A Painting, Cindy Briggs International

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The Compose Group Program is limited to a small number so that everyone is able to get 1:1 mentorship, direction and dedicated support. Book a call to learn more about group openings, and availability. On our call, we will talk about your creative vision, where you need support and available options to fit into all budgets. We are artists supporting artists! 

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I’ve been blessed to have Carol Frazier as an Artist Development Coach, Mentor and Creative Muse for many years now.  

We have collaborated on a number of projects that together we’ve seen to completion, because of her skills as a development coach. Her team of creative experts are an invaluable resource and make the tasks at hand easier to achieve. 

If you’re looking to finally bring one of your creative dreams to fruition, I highly recommend you take that needed leap of faith, invest in yourself, and accomplish more than you could ever have done, alone. 

Timothy Ramirez, Tim Ramirez International, Screenwriter & Actor

Cheri Lucas 

CEO Cheri Lucas Concepts, LLC 

Working with Carol is pure pleasure and professionalism. Her performance as a coach/trainer/speaker is mesmerizing. Carol steps up with confidence, authority and credibility to deliver empowering, effective and fun tools and processes for rising up in business, performance and profitability.

Rachel Mains 

Radio & TV Host; Executive Producer Corner Cafe 

Carol Frazier is a class act! She does everything with integrity and in excellence. Her knowledge of her craft and her experience in media/entertainment make her the perfect partner for any business venture. She's a visionary that will coach you into success! 

Elle Ingalls 

Pressure Free Living, LLC 

Carol understands the needs of creatives and what it takes to dig deep and be successful. Her programs are superbly designed to help you get across the finish line with your projects and endeavors. Her kind, gentle yet strong personality gives her the ability to coach at the high performance level.

Carol comes from a long line of creative muses, and has embraced the family gifting of inspiring others to follow their creative passions. 

Personally, she has helped me behind the scenes in my art career for over twenty years, from art shows, PR in magazines, event support and management and all of the tech that I prefer not to learn.

Her support has allowed me the freedom to "be the artist". Carol and her amazing team are the black and white to my color! 

Ellie Weakley, Artist, and Author


 About Your  Coach

Carol Frazier founded The Art Estate, LTD in 2000, after becoming a Licensed Creative Coach. She found that most of her multi-passionate creative clients needed "DO IT FOR ME" services and literal black and white help with their creative businesses. That's when the Carol Frazier Studio Boutique Management Agency was born. Beyond artist development & mentorship, Frazier and her team, bring mentorship, marketing and management support to the their clients. 

Frazier is an Internationally known Recording Artist, Composer, Master Vocal Coach, Creator of The Sing Zone Method, Speaker, Author, Fine Artist, Screenwriter and Founder of The Art Estate. You will often find Carol walking the beach with her husband and dog Jack, or playing with her grandchildren. 


Questions? Feel free to email Carol Frazier at [email protected]



What is Artist Development?

Once upon a time, not too long ago, artists, musicians, authors, and most all, creatives had to attract record labels, galleries, publishers, film companies and other large management companies that would guide the artist’s career. The term ‘artist development’ came primarily from the music business, when a new musician would be sent to an A&R department to handle grooming the artist, managing all of the production, launching, marketing and helping the artist tour for the purpose of  building a fan base. Now, with the digital world expanding every artist’s ability to grow a career, it also limits the amount of artists that will be signed to the “old guard” of management deals.
Which brings in a whole new world of DIY ( Do It Yourself ) activities that the artist must now embrace as part of his or her art form. These activities can range from creation, production, business set up, quarterly and yearly activity plans, gallery shows, music tours, self publication, and on and on. The artist has now become a business. And with technology changing daily, the artist is tasked with learning and staying up to date with algorithms, SEO, and a plethora of jobs that in the past, a full marketing team would handle for them.
Once an artist has created a personal brand, garnered a large following, has social proof, fans, high numbers and is able to be seen and heard on almost all platforms, with an extensive track record of  booking sold out shows, art, or book sales, do they have a chance at getting signed on. Whew! That was a lot to just write! So the former concept of getting signed to a label, picked up in a gallery, published by one of the big ten, or getting a screenplay to the right hands, is all resting on the shoulders of the artist. And artists need time, energy and space to create. 
The upside to the new DIY economy forced upon all creatives, is that now you can actually make a living in the arts and entertainment world. You don’t have to be discovered, picked up or signed. You get to call the shots, and create your own art, the way YOU envision it. There is no upper management telling you what to do. And the math works, you only need 100 super fans to reach $100K per year. However, it can become overwhelming, time consuming, and can honestly take the joy out of being a creator in the first place. 
An artist development coach, or mentor, is someone that steps in to help the artist remain focused on their vision, and create time and space for the artist to just be “the creative”.  A good coach should be inspiring and at the same time, be able to handle the black and white details while you add the color. 
Here at The Carol Frazier Studio, we are a team of artists supporting artists. We are creative entrepreneurs that understand it takes a village to move our creative dreams forward. Every client is unique, and each creative’s business needs are approached with a custom package specifically designed for each individual artist. This is not a cookie-cutter agency. We have helped hundreds of artist’s launch and grow their careers. It’s a relationship between the artist, the artist development manager, and the marketing team. And the beauty of the process is that we aren’t priced for big corporations. We are sensitive to the fact that artist’s budgets may differ from a brick and mortar business. With everything from free group coaching, to hybrid coaching programs, to signed artist management clients, we make it easy to start following your dreams. 
You’re a Creative that deserves to invest in yourself, your career goals, and the life you dream of living ! We can’t wait to hear from you, and help plan for your success. 

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