“You’ve helped me so much, not only with singing, but in many other ways.”

Christine Chatwell, Pacific Grove, CA

"Best coach ever! You must work with Carol to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Recommend her highly. Ethical and exceptional ability to bring out the best in her clients!"

Tracy LeBlanc, Pacific Grove, CA

"Carol has been such a blessing in my life. I was a former smoker and drug user who ruined my voice and all I wanted to do everyday of my life is sing. With a such a harsh voice I was embarrassed to sing out loud. After requiring Carols services she was able to help transform my voice in one lesson! More important is that Carol educated me on why I was singing the way I was and showed me some great tools to use moving forward and with other exercises she was able to help me sign in tune:) Carol has also helped me with my speaking on stages and with my stage presence. I use to be a loud talker and now I have an awareness I never had to be centred. Carol really helped me to “Compose Myself” and I am so grateful. Carol is a woman with a light in her that shines so bright and it is a blesssings to be working with her!"

Sean Buckley, Naples, FL

"Carol has been an inspiration to my 12 year old daughter. My daughter looks up to her and values her opinion. She has been so encouraging and is always looking for performance opportunities…Amazing voice coach!!"

Jennifer Hakim Kadosh, Carmel Valley, CA

"Carol Frazier is an EXCEPTIONAL voice coach. Not only does she train on a professional level, she also trains younger students. She has patience and the personality to connect with the younger student and in turn they gain her trust and are able to show more confidence and reach peak performances. She is also a very generous teacher that supports her students and often attends her students performances. Thank you, Carol, for making Savannah a better performer! She loves you!!"

Lisa Hakim, Carmel Valley, CA

"Carol has a way of connecting with the creative spirit in each of us. The clarity of her professionalism and depth of character is chrystal clear from the first moments of working with her. I trust her to guide me intuitively through the creative process along with helping me understand the business side of the work. The spark she offers has been developed over the decades and is an inherent gift that she shares to help others. Thanks Carol."

Cindy Briggs, Make Every Day A Painting, Cindy Briggs International

"I believe Carol has a knack for helping anyone. She’s a singer and I am a financial coach. I want to reach the masses of women but I had a lot of resistance to being on camera. She said, I think I can help you and boy did she help me with just one simple tip that has moved me past the resistance and into a breakthrough. More happened than just helping with the anxiety. I give her 5 stars! Thanks Carol!"

Chris Quintana, Financial Sassy Women

"How could I possibly forget you? I still miss your inspirational power, your beautiful voice, your boundless affection and words of wisdom. You encouraged me to write and to sing."

Maria Alejandra Benavent, Vienna, Austria


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