Compose Yourself Group Program

Compose Yourself is a Group Program for Multi-Passionate Creatives that are ready to start or expand their creative careers. Led by Artist Development Coach, Carol Frazier, the three month hybrid group program helps  launch your next creative passion. 

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Compose Yourself Group Program for Creatives

Join the Compose Yourself Group Program for Creative Entrepreneurs designed for the multi- passionate creative that wants support, focus, accountability and community. 

Artists and Creatives of a genres come together make their creative passions and dreams come true led by Artist Development Manager, Carol Frazier. 

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Artist Development and Management

By Interview and Audition Only, work with Carol Frazier in her VIP Artist Development and Management Program to achieve your professional goals as an artist or creative entrepreneur. Frazier has worked with singers, authors, fine artists, chefs and more creatives. Get seen, get heard, and make a living with your craft. Do what you love, love what you do! 

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High Performance Coach

Carol Frazier has been coaching vocal performance for over 30 years, with students becoming professional singers, speakers and teachers. Her vocal method helps singers of all styles and abilities connect to their voice, sing with freedom, and perform all styles of music.

Frazier also works with Public Figures, Speakers, and Business Owners to embrace their new marketing stage of Social Media and Film with her media training products and personalized coaching programs. Learn to speak with confidence and clarity, your audience is waiting for you! 

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Create More Time To Create!

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The Carol Frazier Studio

Creative Services, Programs and Support for Multi - Passionate Entrepreneurs with Artist Development Manager, Carol Frazier


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